Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Rainy days and wednesdays,

Well after a very cold wet walk to and back from uni this morning, I have come to the conclusion that I can be lazy today before I go out tonight to see S Club 7 (HA!) a good cheap night out I hope, although a Taxi ride may have to be undertaken.
As per usual I am totally avoiding stuff I have to do today, Such as packing, (travelling home to Bristol tomorrow for a bit) and reading and essaying. Ah well, 
Had a wicked and productive day yesterday, I went swimming with my friend Rosie, and due to our nattering we stayed in the pool for an hour and a half, Pretty good going! Then in the evening we went to this little craft club thing in a lofty pub in Brighton, and spent the night chatting and adorning old cardi's for Free!!! all you had to do was bring some stocks to add to the crafty pile,

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Happy Sunday

Hope its sunny and not so rainy where you are!
Brighton is sunny today for the first time in a forever, but sadly there are no washing machines free in the laundry so I decided to pass the irritating time writing drivel on here.
I've worked out how to add blogs i'm following and it includes my buddy and flatmate Jake's weird but wonderful JavaKnees, He is studying Illustration and has done the poster in the "Don't Panic" university pack this time around, I will add a photo in a mo, but definately have a mosey around his Site.

In the meantime I will continue in my quest to look like a 50's housewife when doing my laundry, 
checked shirt, sky blue jeans rolled up (they are waaaay too long) pink silk scarf as a doo rag and a whistle while you work attitude!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Hope everyone is feeling good today! I have just had a bit of a look around the interweb and thought i'd post up some of my usual haunts in regards to Vintage and other good blogs.
As a girl, I always think I have absolutely nothing to wear in my wardrobe and can spend hours agonising and changing what i wear on a daily basis. However help is out there girlies! 
My day to day bibles are "what i wore" blogs. There is a gazillion out there but heres my top three.
They post where each item was bought and add a picture of the blogger looking stunning!
here's a few of the american ones

I have only come across one British lady recently. Katie's boyfriend writes the blog and takes photos of pretty Katie's wacky outfit every day, Lucky Girl I want one!
Right i'm off to do some stinky essay and dream about owning a wardrobe big enough to house the clothing of Grace Kelly

Stevie x

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The start of something beautiful?

Well, I guess I should probably start this new endeavor by saying hi! I'm Stevie, 
19 year old crazy girl, from Brighton 
Studying Fashion and Dress history at University in the city,
I've just moved from Bristol to the stunning, (sometimes sunny) seaside town of Brighton
My lifetime loves are Vintage, Antiques, Tea! (preferably in a pretty vintage teacup!) Cakes, Sewing, Gardening (especially my veggie patch back in the westcountry) and finishing with that theme Cider!

Not really sure why I started a blog, but it is a new year, new decade and its nice to have a reminder of history especially if its personal to you, 
I'm aiming to post some  ramblings about the goings on in my life in Brighton as well as any vintage-ey stuff that catches my eye, Recipes, and maybe even a bit of a wardrobe blog.
So welcome to my world, Sit down have a cup of tea and a chat!