Sunday, 17 January 2010

Happy Sunday

Hope its sunny and not so rainy where you are!
Brighton is sunny today for the first time in a forever, but sadly there are no washing machines free in the laundry so I decided to pass the irritating time writing drivel on here.
I've worked out how to add blogs i'm following and it includes my buddy and flatmate Jake's weird but wonderful JavaKnees, He is studying Illustration and has done the poster in the "Don't Panic" university pack this time around, I will add a photo in a mo, but definately have a mosey around his Site.

In the meantime I will continue in my quest to look like a 50's housewife when doing my laundry, 
checked shirt, sky blue jeans rolled up (they are waaaay too long) pink silk scarf as a doo rag and a whistle while you work attitude!

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