Thursday, 14 January 2010

Hope everyone is feeling good today! I have just had a bit of a look around the interweb and thought i'd post up some of my usual haunts in regards to Vintage and other good blogs.
As a girl, I always think I have absolutely nothing to wear in my wardrobe and can spend hours agonising and changing what i wear on a daily basis. However help is out there girlies! 
My day to day bibles are "what i wore" blogs. There is a gazillion out there but heres my top three.
They post where each item was bought and add a picture of the blogger looking stunning!
here's a few of the american ones

I have only come across one British lady recently. Katie's boyfriend writes the blog and takes photos of pretty Katie's wacky outfit every day, Lucky Girl I want one!
Right i'm off to do some stinky essay and dream about owning a wardrobe big enough to house the clothing of Grace Kelly

Stevie x

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