Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The start of something beautiful?

Well, I guess I should probably start this new endeavor by saying hi! I'm Stevie, 
19 year old crazy girl, from Brighton 
Studying Fashion and Dress history at University in the city,
I've just moved from Bristol to the stunning, (sometimes sunny) seaside town of Brighton
My lifetime loves are Vintage, Antiques, Tea! (preferably in a pretty vintage teacup!) Cakes, Sewing, Gardening (especially my veggie patch back in the westcountry) and finishing with that theme Cider!

Not really sure why I started a blog, but it is a new year, new decade and its nice to have a reminder of history especially if its personal to you, 
I'm aiming to post some  ramblings about the goings on in my life in Brighton as well as any vintage-ey stuff that catches my eye, Recipes, and maybe even a bit of a wardrobe blog.
So welcome to my world, Sit down have a cup of tea and a chat! 

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