Friday, 12 May 2017

Dreaming of Santorini: True Bias Ogden Cami

Hello you lot! I thought i'd get amongst the rhubarb and apple blossom for the reveal of my first Ogden Cami from True Bias. I say the first as I might have already made another one. I may also have cut another one and I might also have planned a bazillion more because like everyone else in the blogosphere I love this pattern!

I made mine with Royal Blue Premier Crepe from Minerva it is a lovely firm crepe that is opaque and fairly drapey. (I had it left over from my By Hand London Georgia dress I made eons ago.) 
Good lord above this fabric frays! I'd forgotten that once whizzed through the overlocker I had a blue fuzz covering everything!
That being said it was a quick and easy make, I was done in an afternoon and then hunting through the stash to find more fabrics to use!
You see the beauty of this pattern is in its simplicity. It takes up very little fabric and is suitable for a multitude of different fabrics. This crepe is quite structured and so it hangs away from my body slightly, but I quite like that about it.
 The fit on this wasn't bad but I sized down for my next version. I think I should have left it alone personally as now I either do an FBA, (blurgh!) or grade it back out to where it was. I cut the 12 for this one based on my measurements. It doesn't pucker anywhere whereas my second version definitely a little snug around the bust! I have a few finer crepe fabrics in mind for Ogden and I think the drape will change the pattern up a little for me. I've also seen some fabulous rayon and lawn versions. It is perfect for leftovers!
I think we can call this a wardrobe staple! I love the blue tone, I find it difficult to get a true Santorini blue. This outfit has me dreaming about swanning around the Greek Islands!
Do you love Ogden as much as I do? How many have you made?