Monday, 7 October 2013

Life According to Instagram: August and September...

Hey y'all I kinda skipped out on an August instagram post for some reason so i've smooshed it together with September. There was lots of fabric dreaming and puggy watching this month.
I made another Archer and have at least one more to make,
I pulled out all the jersey I have looking for something to make a Hemlock with and found NOTHING.
This was followed by wailing to Piemaker something remicent of "I have nothing to wear! I have not got enough fabric blah blah blah..." 
This pretty much sums up my efforts at stashbusting. But I have been much more restrained of late. Particularly compared to last year. There has definately been themes in my instagram posts over the last two months and these have pretty much been Fabric and project sneak peeks,
The Ever Growing and Ever Cute Pixel Puggleton,

 Plus the trials and pleasures of life such as new patterns, necklace/headphones brain explosion, fresh apples and blackberries and Piemaker's epic search of the kitchen for baking ingredients!
It always amazes me the randomness of what we choose to capture! What have you been up to this month?