Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Deer and Doe... More New Pattern Goodness!

I have been following a cute little french blog for a while now written by Eleanor, She's just launched a new pattern line, Deer and Doe,
The patterns are so cute I had to blog them!
Airelle is a great pattern with fabulous shoulder gathers, I could totally use this in my wardrobe!

Belladone is a very simple but cute dress. But out of the dresses I adore bleuet, a lovely little shirt dress which would be perfect in a stable fabric for Fall

Next is the coat Pavot, which is so chic! The construction looks nice and simple for a coat but what a fabulous result you end up with!
last but certainly not least is Sureau which is a great everyday dress! I can see everything in this collection becoming fantastic additions to any wardrobe! I think I might have to get saving up!
(Apologies for the basic ness of this post, my laptop has decided to die on me and until I get a new hard drive I'm having to resort to using the ever patient Piemaker's IPad. Not as easy as I'd thought!)


  1. I love Deer and Doe too! Airelle is definitely my favourite but I'm thinking that most of them will make it into my collection. Love them :D

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  3. thanks! these look great! hadnt heard of them before!

  4. I've never heard of this pattern line! Thanks for posting about it. I'm off to look into it further!

  5. lindos modelos


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