Sunday, 17 June 2012

Still alive! Plus I finished something...

Hello, Sorry for the absence I've been settling in at work and I've managed to actually sew something!
This is the clothkits Autumn Linen skirt in pink. Its lined with white lawn and was lovely to put together. The kit is £35 which isn't too bad and is great for beginners. Only problem was that in the two weeks I was messing around with it I lost half a stone! Therefore it is now too big.
 Its ok for wearing to work though and the lawn is a nice quality and feels nice against the skin.
I decided to jazz it up with a decorative stitch on the hem.
So what have you all been sewing?


  1. the decorative stitch detailing is wonderful :)

    Brooke x

  2. Is this topic connected with your professional position or maybe is it mostly about your leisure and free time?


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