Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Frilly Milly...

 Hello Friends! Does my skirt look a bit poofy today?
I should think so! Heres my new petticoat I made! Its a layer of thin cotton with an elasticated waist with two 3m pieces of net gathered into the bottom of the waistband making it ultra frilly!
I now think I need to whip up a few circle skirts so I can use it to my hearts content.
Heres a bit of a rubbish picture of the petticoat on its own. I'm really pleased with it! I think I have the perfect next project that it will go with brilliantly!
So tell me lovelies, What have you been making recently?


  1. Looks awesome and it makes your skirt look even better!

  2. Yay, petticoat! I've been meaning to make one for ages!
    I'm still working on my Summer Sparks shirtwaist muslin, but there are a couple of jersey dresses calling me for quick projects... Hmm, not much sewing time anyway this week. We'll see.
    Also, looking forward to your circle skirts! Swishy, yay!


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