Thursday, 19 July 2012

Seamless Pledge: Nearly two months in...

Wow I'm surprised at how quickly time is going its just over 2 months since I took the Seamless Pledge!
I have stayed true to my word and have bought no newly produced clothing.
In fact I have only bought three pieces of clothing at all! First was lovely 60's blazer in a neutral tone, I think it will be useful as it fills the gap my disaster jacket was supposed to fill. £7 for that!
One top that cost £2 and some Jaeger sailor shorts in a navy linen that cost me £5
I know I've not been particularly productive recently, I feel a bit like i'm growing out of my current life at the moment. (if that makes sense to anybody!)
Were anxious to move into our own place and so my mind has been elsewhere, (mostly looking at house stuff on Pinterest :P)
I have to say we aren't going through an easy time at the moment. I'm back to looking for jobs and life is a bit unsteady. I just haven't felt like sewing (although I seem to be getting more into my knitting!)

Although I haven't really been sewing solidly, I actually haven't found seamless too difficult.
 I think I had kidded myself into thinking I bought a lot of clothing but I have a real issue with quality and so that usually won over buying things at H&M or Topshop.
The next stage is to ebay everything I don't need which is quite a lot and to de-clutter.
I'm sorry about the intermittent posts but that is definitely the word to describe life at the moment!


  1. I know what you mean about outgrowing your life - I feel like I'm at the end of transitioning to something new in my life.

    And that's great that you've stayed true to the Seamless pledge! When I stopped buying new clothes a year and a half ago, I thought it would be terrible, painful, and temporary, but now I still rarely buy new clothes - just don't see the point!

    Good luck with ebaying things and moving!

  2. Good luck Stevie - the decluttering process can be exhausting, but you will feel so good once its done :)


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