Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Still Here But Knitting...

Hello Friends!
We are still here, just in a funny interim period and living with Piemakers family for a little while, this doesn't make for great sewing time but I've really gone great guns with my knitting.
I thought it might be nice to update you on how i've been getting on.
I've officially learnt to knit properly. Thanks to the lovely knit and natter group in Worthing
especially Caroline who runs The Wool Bar (fabulous yarn shop)
It took a good few months to start to feel comfortable knitting and after one frogged cardigan, I have started my beautiful Willow Pullover from Louisa Harding's Margurite book. I am really enjoying this knit! Such simple instructions can make such a lovely pattern. I'm making this up in a patons cotton 4ply.
I've learnt a huge amount using Stephanie Japel's Knit lab class on Craftsy and I would totally recommend it to anyone looking to start out. I just skipped the bits I knew already but there are some fabulous tips! I also finished her lace keyhole scarf and it makes a fab headband (Pics to come.)
Here is where I'm upto with my Willow pullover

I adore the lace edging! 
I have become a proper yarnie too which is no surprise and i'm getting a good stash together.
If you want to see any of the stuff in my stash or things I'd like to make pop over to my page on Ravelry . Who else has fallen in love with knitting?

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