Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Summer Stash Confession... PDF Patterns The Rest!

If you thought it was over, you may not know sewists very well! I have many more PDF's that still go unmade!
These are the other sneaky stashed patterns:
Victory Patterns:
EVERYTHING! Ok, not every pattern but Piemaker bought the first collection bundle for a birthday probably two years ago. Then I caved over Nicola!
Colette: Hawthorne and Anise - I have no idea what possessed me to buy a Jacket in PDF form! I still have dreams of a lovely coral wool. But it will have to wait until I finish the other 3 jackets in the UFO pile! I was wooed by all the chambray Hawthorne's around the web and I'm still keen! Probably the shirt version though.
April Rhodes: The staple dress - This is impulse to the max I bought the pattern parcel for this and the bombshell swimsuit. I'm not sure either will suit me but the dress looked so comfy! It will be worth a go but I'm going to lower the neckline considerably!
Finally! Undergarments! I've loved this pattern since it came out and who doesn't want pretty underthings? Not to mention this Ginger suit looks fabulous as swimwear. I need to get bra making again. I purchased some underwear making bits ages ago but lost momentum. I will get back to it!
There we are then! My shame laid bare! I'm hoping to kick my butt back into the sewing room soon and I have a few more makes to blog soon!

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