Thursday, 9 September 2010

Sewing Funk

Today. Has been a good day.
My Brighton buddy Rosie came to stay in Bristol and we spent the entire day window-shopping in Clifton Village and eating cupcakes. YUM
Only problem came when a cute old lady in the charity shop mentioned she had been keeping back a stash of fabric, which contained some turquoise patterned voile. Some amazing tweeds, and 6 meters of chartreuse linen.
I ended up paying £10,
A bargain I hear you cry. However, I've been accumulating and not sewing recently and after making endless plans for autumn/winter clothing. I have found myself in a sewing rut.
The Butterick 52' dress I have done the muslin for needs adjustments to the pattern before I risk cutting the £7 per meter Kingfisher fabric. My brain wont let me do it unless I copy off the pattern onto pattern paper. Which at present I have none of.

Retro '52
This is a priority as my first impressions dress for when I get back to Uni on the 4th of October.
This would all be well and good if I hadn't got the Collette Lady Grey Coat Pattern to prepare and Muslin for Gertie's sew along. This is again problematic as I have no muslin fabric in the correct weight or indeed the actual fabric itself. So why the hell was I spending £10 on fabric I don't currently need!?
I have no enthusiasm to get up and tackle these problems. Let alone my endless list of other projects that float around my head. I may try to do an uber quick pencil skirt with one of the tweeds to jumpstart my sewing mojo as an instant gratification deal. Otherwise its off to buy more fabric and supplies to continue on with my top 2.
Good news is that my card reader is now working which means I can upload my new haul of patterns, dress and knitting up onto Etsy. They range from the 50's to the 90's, heres a sneaky peak.

I will also post up my sewing to do list complete with childlike illustrations next post x

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