Thursday, 19 April 2012

Life Update...

Still no sewings around these parts I'm afraid! Dissertation is due Friday although I've handed it in hooray! Then we start on exams... On May 2nd I have a three hour then a week long exam that ends on my Birthday  :( When I will be getting copiously drunk and eating three times my body weight in cake.

I've been pining after sewing but on my only clear day I chose to tidy bits of the house. A practise all but forgotten since around the start of my dissertation.
When I last went to Bristol I cut the pieces for Colette Parfait from some cute blue needlecord from the Brighton swap. Hopefully if I get a quiet night I can start sewing it together. I'm hoping its a quick and easy make as I want to get cracking on at least one thing before MMM12
 Anyway for a little eye candy I thought you'd like to know what I've been crushing on :

Pattern Runway's Scalloped Shorts for when I'm at target!
This amazing Tsumori Chisato trench coat
Hot Pink Jeans!
                                                          With Dip Dyed Ombre tops!
                                                                    Have a lovely day!!! x


  1. What great lining that coat has.... hope all the studying and exams go ok x

  2. Yay for handing in your dissertation! Good luck with all the exams!


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