Thursday, 12 April 2012

Reminded Why I Sew...

After my moan about not being productive, I did in fact sort out 4 refashions/mending items that had been lolling around forever. I'm keeping them as little reveals through MMM12 just to keep it a bit fresh. Not that any are super interesting just your standard fixing of zips, taking in thrifted items and what not.

My Anthropologie order I mentioned came today and although I adore Anthro I couldn't help but be a teeny bit disappointed. One of the tops I ordered never arrived, and out of 8 items I only wanted to keep 4.
I was reminded of why I sew, one of the tops was a cheap spandexy material and had overlocker thread hanging out of the seam between the armhole and the sleeve. Original price? £68! SIXTY EIGHT POUNDS!? It was fabric I could pick up at Goldhawk for £2.50, sew together in an hour or so and still get a better result! It was a tenner in the sale but regardless I didn't want to pay that for it when I saw it. 4 items didn't wow me. I bought all mediums and two were oversized hot messes. The items I kept were the most expensive but worth their price. I feel like I have a nice level wardrobe for now.

I'm the first to admit I have an addictive personality and I love beautiful things.
I've had to restrain myself from clicking the buy button on the new Colette patterns and some fabric to match. At first I wasn't wowed. But Colette are very good at making simple shapes and classic design. My brain needed some time to catch up with creative ideas. The two dresses are sweet. A bit two shoulder happy for me at my current size but a cardi would fix that. I've seen some great gray Liberty poplin that would make Hazel look fabulous!
 Then to the Iris shorts... Shorts that actually cover your thigh?! Excellent! I really need a pair just like this for summer. Although British summers don't usually involve much shorts wearing. They are just simple enough to make up in a hot pink twill and look amazing!
this last image of the Lily sort of won me over. Lavender is so not my colour. (Bridesmaid nightmares) but I have recently bought an aqua cardi like this and the combination is stunning... Hmmm Better hide my Debit card...


  1. Funny...[I too..need someone to hide the debit card,lol]
    I love the colette line of patterns.. Always so well instructed.
    Sorry your order was disappointing to you. Once I learned to was so hard to buy a rtw garment.. I rarely do anymore.
    Happy sewing.

  2. Hello Stevie, what a shame, the anthro things are always so beautiful on the website. I'm trying not to buy RTW this year (which is giving me less guilt about fabric purchases). Looking forward to seeing your MMM12 outfits! x

  3. Sorry the Anthro stuff was disappointing. You so much want it to be a proper treat when you splash out, don't you? I was the same with the new Colette patterns - my first impression was "Sigh - more sleeveless dresses, just what I need with hailstones battering the skylight!" but when I went back and looked again that Hazel dress could be really lovely.


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