Thursday, 5 April 2012

Quality V Quantity...

I know I have a bigger stash than most. But recently i'm finding it difficult to shop my stash and end up with a good quality product. I feel as though its been picked over and the quality of some of it isn't inspiring me. As I learnt more about fabric the cheap jerseys and polycotton's just aren't my thing anymore. I'd rather pay a bit more and end up with a piece I love than make 10 i'm not quite happy with.

This puts me in a tricky place. The UK isn't very versatile when it comes to fabric shopping. I've been looking on places like Harts Fabrics and Gorgeous Fabrics both of which I love. But is it worth the shipping?
This Quality thing is something I also find with clothing. I LOVE Anthropologie but to pay £68 for a t-shirt is insane no matter where it comes from. I wait for sales. I am going to be honest and tell you that I spent nearly £300 in the sales for 9 items. But I've saved myself £400! £700 for 9 items? Unless us mere mortals win the lottery for most of us that is a step too far.
This leads me to think was it ever worth the original price? I then feel guilty about paying for anything expensive at all!
Do you have these inner struggles when it comes to expensive clothing or fabric?


  1. I definitely have this struggle! I somehow expect home-made clothes to be cheaper, so I scimp on fabric and then feel dis-satisfied. But I am afraid to cut into my "best" cloth and far too scared to pay £20 a metre in case I mess up the sewing. I am trying to train myself to buy less fabric and only stuff I really love, so that the clothes I make will be more like the things I see and want in fashion magazines etc. Tricky.

  2. I figure that buying a nice fabric and paying for shipping is better than paying an exhorbitant price for a 'good' RTW t- shirt. You still come out ahead.
    You can also make a personal request on many websites for slower & cheaper shipping. It's worth a try.

    1. Thanks Valerie I'll be giving that request thing a try!

  3. I hear you! I get a lot of fabric pretty cheaply off fabric markets, and usually those aren't labled, even if the seller *swears* that it's pure silk, or linen, or cotton, there's usually some poly involved... I really should start investing in some higher end fabrics, since I hate to see my beloved me-mades wear out quickly! I'm not quite convinced of online shopping, though, especially for more expensive fabrics - I'm a tactile person and really need to touch my fabric first! Some send out swatches, though. :)

  4. hiya Stevie,

    Glad you are up for MMMay'12 this year. Don't forget to pop back and complete the pledge to sign-up!

    See you soon
    Zoe xxx


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