Monday, 23 April 2012

Not the Reveal I Was Going For...

Well, Did you guess what it was yet? It was a Parfait! I had cut this out to be a wearable muslin not expecting to like it as much as I do! The fabric was from the Brighton swap and I had loads of it. Its a cute fine needlecord (Babycord?) 
I sewed it up Saturday.
Thinking I'd checked my measurements I cut a straight size 10 (american size, roughly a 14)
It was a brave step as I normally cut American size 16 (UK 20) and end up taking in EVERYWHERE. 
To my surprise 

This happened. Ironically the skirt fit perfectly but I failed to remember that now I'm a 12-14 uk on top, this means I should really be doing FBA's. 
Again the cutting bigger generally meant I got out of them. 
Here's the extent of the problem from the right side. 
I have enough fabric to cut the bodice again but I wanted a quick satisfying project.
Oh well. At least its not sunny enough to wear it yet!
In other news I've started my first ever serious Knitting project!
Debbie Bliss Andes Cardigan!

Its cute no? 
Its knitting up pretty slow and I keep running into problems when im k3tog.
(knitting three stitches together)
Its looking like i've dropped a stitch on the next row after that. 
I know I haven't though. 
Any Idea's welcome
Here's my progress so far!

 I'm using an Artisano washable merino and its fabulous! I have a feeling I could get hooked on knitting as badly as I am on sewing! Watch this space!


  1. It's looking really adorable. The fabric is really summery and will look so good on you.

  2. I completely love the dress fabric and the bodice gathers are perfect, such a shame it doesn't fit. I also love the colour of your wool.

  3. Ooh - love the colour of your cardi! Soon you'll be spending so much time knitting you don't have time to sew - mwahahahaha! (evil laugh)

  4. The dress looks adorable, too bad it doesn't fit! I also love the colour of your yarn, totally gorgeous!


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