Monday, 30 April 2012

Preparing for MMM'12...

Its that time again! I can't believe its come around so fast! I'm exited but slightly wary of doing my third try at a me-made month. I'd have liked to have been at a point by now where I could pledge to wear everything handmade for a month. However due to weight loss and the general falling out of love you get with certain items from your earlier skill levels (look at those darts!?!) I have far less than I would like.
I have pledged to wear one item per day. Easy? Perhaps... If most of my me-mades fit the same as they did last year. I have a few re-fashions that will be popping up and if I can get my act together hopefully a couple of new items. My UFO list is to the floor!

However this sort of challenge does gets you thinking about your consumption...
I have a LOT of clothes. That being said, most are second hand, bought in sales and good quality, gifts or handmade.
Is it just me? I now find it difficult to shop at all! Today I found myself in Chichester.
(its fabulous you should visit!) Full of upmarket shops and cafe's. I wandered for a good few hours, in and out of shops. The ones that tempted (Kew, Jigsaw,) were astronomically out of my price range and the rest I just didn't have a desire for. Even going to C&H (fabric and wool shop, kind of like an old fashioned department Store.) I was not swayed easily by remnants and half price knitting patterns.
My only purchase? A pair of brand new (tags on) purple jeans and blue bangle from the charity shop (6.50+50p) Hey! Posh place generally means good charity shops!
Needless to say I can't be saved!
Good Luck for Tomorrow MMM'er's as I said last time...

                                             "At Dawn We Dress Handmade!"

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