Tuesday, 1 May 2012

As I said "At Dawn We Dress Handmade..."

                                                        Happy May everyone!
Its not quite so gleeful as my birthday month would usually would have me, as I have an exam tomorrow worth 10% of my entire degree. (shhh, trying not to stress myself. Too late now.)
But none the less! It is the start of Me Made May 12. This is a challenge and a half for me this time and I'm sure you'll be seeing some quite comical photos of me in me-mades that look like i've shrunk in the wash.
Its all part of the fun. Here is one such skirt. Day one I went for my Sonia Skirt teamed with a modal jersey top that I shortened and took in (clearly not enough.) The cardi is rtw GAP (outlet)
As you can see I went for a bit of a twist on the usual empty fireplace pose. I'm going to use MMM as an excuse to find a perfect photos spot in my house, so keep an eye out if you see an angle you like.
We've moved the living room about a bit and my lovely wingback, inherited from my darling Auntie Karen sits nicely in that corner with the lamp. Perfect for curling up with a book!

I'm not going to post every outfit everyday. I know I freak when my blogger feed explodes around a me-made-month! I'll try and do one post per three days but i'm sure i'll end up doing catch ups!
Happy Me Made May Everyone! x


  1. I love the colours of your outfit. They go really well together!

  2. Cute skirt. I'm not brave enough to officially sign up for Me-made-May but I may do a feature called Out-of-the-box! (Most of my stuff is still in storage)Good luck with your exam.

  3. I love the colours in your skirt! I'm searching for the perfect photo spot too... It's all to clear that a) my house is a mess, and b) There is so much stuff on the walls that there is almost no blank space to pose! Good luck in MMM!

  4. I so love this skirt. And you've embraced your spring with the colours in your shirt and cardigan! We're in autumn here and it's a lot less bright clothing-wise (although I am trying to do my best)


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