Sunday, 13 May 2012

MMM...Days 7-13

I knew I'd get behind with these posts!
There has already been a couple of miss days because I didn't have time to get photos.
 Day 7: The cockatoo blouse, along with a refashioned jumper to cardi again
 Day 9: (for some reason 8 got skipped but i wore my lisette market skirt) This was my Birthday and I wore a re-fashioned zara skirt, which was taken in, shortened and I replaced the zip
Day 10: Bit of a grotty photo but this was my storybook skirt which does get a lot of wear!
Day 11: A refashioned skirt from a maxi dress I used to have and my mccalls cardigan which is miles too big and I never wear!
 Day 13: (Day 12 also got missed for some reason but I wore my lisette barcelona market top)
A reveal for day 13! Unlucky for some, This was a try at colourblocking with Mccalls 5974. I cut a 16 and it was giant. I didn't like the length so i cut it into a top but to be honest the jersey was so thin and cheap it kind of got abandoned. It still doesn't fit properly and probably won't make an appearance after MMM. However I will have another go at this pattern as its easy, quick and looks lovely on others that have made it!


  1. I really love day 9 outfit. So great that you could celebrate your birthday with such a great outfit!

  2. Happy birthday!

    I love all your outfits - you have such a good eye for colour and print!~

  3. Happy Birthday!!! I love the blue and mustard outfit - it's so colorful and cheery!

  4. Lovely outfits - you're always so well dressed! Day 11 is especially pretty! I also like the colour-blocked top, it looks great from this perspective, but I also have a flimsy knit top that only comes out for me-made-months - not much fun to wear...


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