Saturday, 12 May 2012

Birthday Loveliness...

I was a very lucky girl for my birthday and after a few of my own acquisitions bought with birthday money and presents I amassed quite a lot of awesome stuff!
Heres all of it in a lovely big pile!

First up are the patterns I got hot patterns 1089 an awesome jersey top and two Debbie Bliss knitting books!
Now to the fabric... Get ready for the overload!!! There's three cotton interlock jerseys,
 Purple, Yellow and Turquoise
Then a coral t-shirting i got at fabricland for £1 per metre! and a slightly thicker jersey in a yummy orchid colour

 Then two ponte's one in teal and another in a kind of aubergine colour. Then I went and raided C&H's remnants...
3m of this fab viscose and another viscose in brown with cute flowers and a sparkly jersey.
Finally there are my presents from Piemaker! 
a stunning hot pink twill, A pale yellow twill and a lovely blue,
Lastly this amazing Liberty poplin! How lush is this?
 I have no idea what I should make with any of it. Except the pink twill. Any suggestions welcome! I am most certainly a fabricaholic!


  1. Wow! What a collection. I love that Liberty poplin. How much do you have of it? Circle skirt, shirt waister?

  2. Happy birthday! :) Lovely lovely presents!

  3. Happy Birthday, I must get over to Brighton soon and get to Fabricland, still looking for some decent jersey to make a Renfrew! I love that last Liberty poplin, where did you get that and was it £££££?

  4. Hi guys, Thanks for the lovely comments. The liberty poplin was £11.95pm at sewbox. But Dave got it for my birthday and got 3m I was thinking about a shirtdress. (Shirtwaist) But I've got some pink linen to practise on. x

  5. Wow! That is quite the haul of birthday goodies. Happy Birthday!!!

  6. Happy Birthday! That's a lovely pile of fun you've got there!

  7. What a great haul! Shirtdress sounds great for the Liberty print!


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