Saturday, 26 May 2012

Well I tried...

May has been a packed month for me and I didn't anticipate the new job at all, So I'm sorry to say I have had to leave Me Made May by the wayside this time. I tried my best but with the weather and the new commute its been very difficult to find ANY clothes to wear to work, let alone me made ones.
My new commute involves 80 mins of walking and an hour of train journey. Try staying cool, comfortable and looking fairly turned out with that!
(I have yet to perfect it.)
I'm currently working on a linen skirt from Clothkits (above but mine is hot pink,) so I can wear it to work, Ironically I spent the day teaching people to put in zips and then came home to do the worst zip ever.
Whatever though, I'm super tired. One day off and back to five days!
I'm loving it though Its so nice to speak to people on a daily basis who love sewing or genuinely want to learn.
Enthusiasm is infectious!
Apologies for the slightly odd update post but not much sewing of my own has been going on this week, trying to just get into my rhythm,


  1. That's some commute. I've done a 3 hour round trip commute before so I know how it feels. Glad to hear you're enjoying your new job - you're so lucky to be teaching people to sew!

  2. Not sure if I have congratulate you on the new job - CONGRATS! Tough commute, I did 2-3 hours commute long ago but never did it include walking!

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  4. Wow - that's a killer commute! I used to do a 45 minute commute each way and I had to make it work for me. I'd usually take some crochet on the bus, and also some really good podcasts. By the time I got to work I felt I'd achieved something!

    I also go really good at cooking meals on weekends and freezing them for reheating later.

    So I understand how Me Made May can fall by the wayside! By Day 18 I said "I'm done" and then I got back on the horse. Still - it's been a tough month with the weather!

    Hope your new job is going great.

    1. Hi Michelle, Yeah its not too bad really, I just got to get into the groove of it. I do a lot of knitting on the train and I will try to cook in batch on the weekends as much as possible. When its warm like now its fine to munch a salad and some fruit but when it gets colder batch cooking is going to be my friend! x

  5. Well you certainly won't need to do any other exercise with that regime! I don't envy you that walk in hot weather. MMM was going fine here until the sun came out and now I can't remember what I wear in summer. legs! What does a person do with their legs in hot weather?! Paint them orange? Swelter in tights? Or hide under swishy trousers (um... that would be me...!)

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