Thursday, 3 May 2012

Me Made May: Day's 2 and 3

Well I said I'd update every three days but as you've seen the first one I only have two to give you today!
All the photo's are messed with in terms of saturation and stuff. But no photoshopping, (hence red face, crazy hair etc is all me! The lights been tricky these last few days and its hard to figure it out!
So here's day 2. I went for my stripy Renfrew. I needed to be comfy as I had a three hour exam which went terribly! So by the evening I was not in the most photogenic of moods.
Here's Day 3. Did you notice the new photo spot? The light was rubbish today so the editing didn't help too much. I'm wearing my TNT New Look top and re-fashioned Mustard Cardi (was once a jumper.) Scarf, Brooch and Purple Jeans are all thrifted. The belt was Zara in the sale.
If I could get the light right I quite like this part of the house as a photo space. Its a shame on every spare wall we seem to have a radiator!
I'd love to know what you think of the new poses/new photo space/outfits!


  1. I hope the exam will turn out alright in the end! I like both the pose and space in the second photo, the table is really cute. I also love the outfit! Very cute, especially with that hairdo!

  2. I love your mustard and purple combo!! It's a fabulous ensemble, I think. And your stripey Renfrew is so fun - the vertical stripes on the waistband and neckline offer a really great contrast to the rest of the stripes - what a good idea! Love it all so far - I think my favorite place in your house is in front of the radiator - it offers background texture but doesn't distract from your awesome outfit.


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