Thursday, 21 April 2011

Lisette 2211 Barcelona Feedsack Market top... Done!!!

New Top, New Hair! I'm back blonde and have finished my Lisette 2211 Simplicity Market top!
I have to say I literally love it. I had little to no problems and it was done super fast.
I used a cute little floral stretchy unknown fabric I bought in Barcelona for 1.30 euro. The stretch was the only thing relating to problems in this construction.
Wonky! This was partly me not reading the instructions and leaving the yoke bits until last not doing them first. The stretch also means some of the topstitching is a little wonky but never the less I really do love it!
This is so comfy and perfect for jus chucking on! This is a definitely flattering pattern and I would love to make it in a range of colours and fabrics.
This has been a great few days! I have managed to complete two tops and a dress! I have bought with me 4 more projects. My art deco skirt, another top, my red white (in need of blue) tunic and straight legged pink jeans to do. I don't think they will all happen as my fabric scissors are back in Brighton but I would be super happy if I could get one more project done.
I am up to 8 Garments in my goal to finish 10 this year. Already! Maybe I should think about participating in a Me Made Month soon?
Also I would love some help on a good name for this top! Mine is RUBBISH


  1. Oh, Stevie, this top is so cute! I love how it looks made up in a stretch fabric. I may be trying that out myself, after seeing yours. It just looks fantastic on you, especially with your fabulous blonde hair. Totally lovely, all around!

  2. LOVE the top! That feedsack fabric is sooo great! I'm not very good at thinking of names either--I always ask David to do it for me :)

  3. Its soo adorable! :) The fabric really cute!
    Ashley x

  4. the top is so lovely, I commented on sew weekly but you don't see the lovely pattern. I love it when you find a pattern you could just make over and over again!good job. x x x

  5. It's gorgeous Stevie, probably my favourite of all the things you've made. I LOVE the fabric and yes, it's super flattering. Great job. Hhhmm, a name for it, can't think of anything except for 'Rosebud'! x

  6. This is lovely! The color is fabulous on you :)


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