Friday, 22 April 2011

Built By Wendy Patterns WHERE ARE YOU?!

Evening my lovelies (or various other time specific greeting!)
I know my pattern wants are beyond ridiculous! But I have seen these awesome Simplicity Built By You patterns for comfy everyday wear. As you all well know, It is not unusual for me to covet whole sets of patterns (Take the Lisette ones for example.)
But I can't find these anywhere for sale in the UK.

Granted the Simplicity UK site is down for maintenance, but still nowhere else is selling them!
This could be an indifferent moan if the Simplicity UK site has them but nevertheless!
Bask in the cuteness with me people! My birthday is coming up soon! Prehaps Mummy and Daddy will take pity on me,
I mean who doesn't need a Peter Pan Collared dress?! I mean Really!


  1. I have not seen these patterns here either...I do have her dress book & some of these dresses look the same though.

  2. Is the line discontinued? Simplicity doesn't list any of the Built By Wendy patterns on their site.

    Have you tried Etsy/eBay? Also, are you a member at I know a few of the ladies there will buy patterns here in the US when they go on sale, and ship them overseas to their 'pattern buddy".

  3. I think that they are discontinued in the US as well. Simplicity was still carrying a few on the site a few months ago, but not in all sizes. But they have been missing from stores for a while now. I'd say your best bet would be finding them the places Tina mentioned. I bought my copy of the mod-ish dress/tunic pattern on eCrater. Good luck!

  4. hello, I asked the same thing a few weeks ago and they told me they have been discontinued. They will continue to make the books, though I wasn't so impressed with the book as it was just 3 basic dress patterns that didn't fit very well!

  5. Yeah from what I've seen in reviews, the pattern pictures look cute, but the final product from making something with the pattern is sadly a hot mess. I've read they end up way way too big and baggy. Like I know I've looked up the first one on Nothing there would possess me to make that top. Maybe she just doesn't make patterns that live up to the design idea.


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