Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Contemplation: Re-evaluating the sewing queue...

I have been thinking... (whats new?) About where I am in my list of garments.
I have also been trying to find a way to collate all my images and stuff and have been trying out ways of creating a theme that fits with the rest of the blog. So here is a few of the garments I've made recently including the Macaron, Lyra, Pearl and Elie dresses, my Mona skirt and Market top!
I thought it would be nice to put together the line drawings of my most recent plan! I have finished 3 of the five.
Here is the group of patterns I intend to make in the next few weeks. But of course most of them are multi view so you lot can't see exactly which garments I want. So I decided to put some together with the fabric and any inspiration I have so here goes...
This is the Lisette dress that I intend to make for the blogger meetup after my disaster with the patterned fabric. I'm making version A with the floral red as the bodice and the royal blue as the skirt.
Next I have Simplicity 2936 Which I have already cut in a lavender poplin as a wearable muslin but it is in preparation for this yummy cotton and silk mix that I bought on the Brighton meetup. All I could say when I bought it was, "I can see full/bell sleeves, I don't know why..." Turns out I had this in my head!
One of my goals I've decided on for pushing myself is making myself a pair of straight legged jeans that fit! Tall order as most ready to wear jeans don't fit! I'm trying McCalls 5142 because they sit above the waist. I'm using this pink ish twill but this is definitely a wearable muslin!
I'm trying so hard to stay on the seperates wagon here. So I also got some purple needlecord in Brighton and thought of the Colette Beignet skirt... The problem? I haven't got the pattern yet because of my aversion to buttonholes! But in the words of Zoe "You just got to get over it" She is right. Once I've practised I'm sure I'll wonder why the hell I worried.
Finally this is one of my little treat dresses! I have loved this hot pink dress and of course everything from the costume dept of Pushing Daisies, and I saw this Lisette Traveller dress in my stash and thought it would really suit the style and colour. I haven't yet got the fabric but this is one I will be on the lookout for in the next blogger meetup in london.
So what do we think? Are the mood boards helping you visualise like me?
I still have my Art Deco skirt to do as well as my Lavender Simplicity 2936, I also have to put the loops and buttons onto Simplicity 2601, (Viola Shirt) But then who doesn't have UFO's?


  1. Ooh - I like your plans!
    I have that silk / cotton voile in my stash and it is gorgeous, but have you realised how transparent it is? You will need stern undergarments for decency! ;)

  2. I love doing this kind of thing and I love seeing other bloggers do it too! I heartily approve of your blogger meet-up fabric and pattern pairings, especially the pink voile, it's just gorgeous. Just take a deep breath re the Beignet, I hated every second of the buttonhole making, but once they're done, they're done! x

  3. You've got a lovely selection of items lined up. I particularly like the Lisette dress and Chuck dress. I've just finished a Beignet in needlecord too. I totally understand your button fear, but as Jane says, deep breath and dive in - it's worth it!

  4. Hey Stevie,

    Have you made the shirt "D" you have listed under "line drawings"? I have this pattern but have not committed to it fully.

    Regarding buttonholes, just go for it, you'll laugh at how easy it is once you get the hang of it!

  5. Ah ha! I scrolled down and found it duh!


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