Saturday, 23 April 2011

Panic! Stupid Mistake Alert!

Today I just started setting up my Tunic stuff after getting some Royal Blue cotton for the contrast and Disaster struck!
I had labelled the pattern fabric as 1.51 but in reality it was 1.15!!!!
This was an enormous problem. I decided to try the contrast in a pattern and a plain blue tunic. But in my mind it just doesn't look right. So the choices were plain blue tunic or find new fabric AGAIN!
After a bit of swearing and cussing myself for writing it wrong, I reconvened and had a good think on what I could do.
I have bought 3metres of Royal Blue Polycotton.
I looked at the Lisette Pattern for the Passport dress... and yes thank god. If I did the contrast version of the dress it only needs 1.10m for the bodice (cutting it fine I know...)
Alternatively I thought of the Macaron from Colette. The contrast for this is something small, and there is enough detail to carry the plain blue fabric.

I'm annoyed because I wanted to try something different from the full skirt ladylike things I normally gravitate towards. However I was also planning on wearing it for the Royal Wedding and we would all like to look ladylike for that occasion.
I'm gravitating towards the Passport pattern.
What do you think?


  1. How annoying! I really like the passport pattern too, hope you get it sorted :)
    Ashley x

  2. I like the passport pattern too! I was searching for Built By Wendy patterns last week and the only two i coukld find were 3692 and is the link

  3. Thanks Alexandra! Thats super helpful! I think I may have a search for an american posting buddy soon though! xx

  4. I just made the passport dress (almost finished-- just have to hem). I was super pleased with the fit if that's any help. Seems very well drafted. I liked that it used so little fabric, too. Good luck!


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