Wednesday, 6 April 2011

I think we can call this progress...

Good (stupidly early) morning!
I have been AWOL recuperating from all that giveaway madness... (Problem is you all keep finding me and following me and now its nearly time to do another one! hehe)
I hope everyone is having a nice week. This is the first week of my easter holiday and I have been wielding my scissors cutting up some of the projects I hope to whizz through in the next few weeks. I have wrangled and tied down exactly what pattern is going with what fabric. Most of them are patterned fabric (Naughty I know) but most are cheap cottons so to stashbust and hopefully create some wearable muslins.
So here is the shakedown... (I've always wanted to say that.)
My disaster cotton is going to make this frilled skirt anyway. Hopefully i'll chuck it back in the wash and it will even out.
Simplicity 2601, This I have a feeling might be a wearable muslin. I looked over the pattern and by god it looks far easier that I had anticipated. I think this is going to be "The Lilac Shirt"
This IS a muslin I'm doing version E. As I don't have any high expectations for this cheap cotton I bought on ebay.(or for my buttonholing skills) If it works, great! if not. I won't lose any sleep.
My Lisette Market top was paired with a purply cotton but I was short of material so I have cut it out of some of my Barcelona fabric. Which was risky! But if it works this could be a really comfy top!
This is my hot pink jersey for my cardigan, which I haven't got around to yet! The colour is better in the second picture.
And finally I have added another element. Lisette portfolio tunic with 3/4 sleeves. As I am going on a meetup with a red white and blue theme.
I'm hoping I have enough of this in my stash for the main body but I need to find some blue for the contrasts. I'm not sure what kind of blue or if I should go for another pattern like they have in the picture?
Right. Enough of my blabbering I am 3 projects ready to make and 3 more left. Hurrah for half way! Excuse me I have more cutting to do...


  1. I really love the skirt fabric, so I hope the lines come out inn the wash. It is so annoying when things like that happen, I had some white silk which when I opened it, has a big splodge of something orange on it!

  2. all looks very lovely, having a big to do pile must be the thing as I also have one! really like the first skirt and the short jumpsuit!


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