Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is full of chocolate and roast dinners like I am!
No sewing going on today but I wanted to do a post about Yellow!
Its a colour I love but I very rarely wear. It makes me think of Spring and Sunshine and Doris Day!
Isn't she cute? Here is a few yellow dresses that caught my eye today!

Chuck from Pushing Daisies had a fantastic group of Yellow Dresses!
When I was at Primary School, In the Summer, I used to wear a uniform similar to this! I wondered how I could interpret it in a nice stylish grownup way...

Happy Easter again.
Have a fab evening!


  1. Some lovely dresses there :) I love yellow, I used to have a yellow dress but I don't know what happened to it! We'll have to make one :)
    Ashley x

  2. Hi, Stevie! Hope you had a wonderful Easter, and hope to see you at the Portfolio Dress Sew Along this week :)

    Gwenny Penny

  3. happy easter stevie! I have recently rediscovered yellow and made a70s sunshine top, it is a fab colour, wear it and smile!

  4. I'm loving the yellow dresses, yellow seems to be very popular at the moment, I know a lot of people say they can't wear it but I don't care, I just wear colours I like!

  5. Love the yellow chuck dresses - actually love ALL of chucks dresses! great inspiration post, thanks!


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