Monday, 18 October 2010

Outfit Post!

Roll up, I actually bothered to do an outfit post yay! I'm crap at trying to do outfit posts, mainly because I make a real effort on the days I go to uni, and the other days I slob about in whats comfy to do work in etc. One can't be glamourous all the time, especially when one is a student with holes in every pair of trousers, leggings, tights she owns and has no spare moneys to replace them!
So here goes, I wore one of my favorite vintage pieces today.

Looks a bit sad on the hanger but I got it in a Vintage shop in Brighton for £10 so one can't complain

You can see its had a tough life being raw silk and all, it's fraying lots. The zigzag stitching has kept it ok for 40 years but I think it would be good to give it some TLC and overlocking,
The thing I love about Vintage also is that you get echo's of other people that owned it before.
Here is a little mistake where they've patched the collar

Et Voila! This is a typical way for me to wear this dress, the cardi is from a charity shop, the belt is so old I don't remember and the boots are from Aldo

Its hard to see in the other photo's but my earrings are from Brighton Antiques market

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  1. what a cute and unique print! good find. :)


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