Saturday, 2 October 2010

What Era are You?

I thought this was an interesting question as most of us stick to a particular era we idolise, I was always a dress up little girl, but my style has evolved from princessy 50's frocks.

so. What era do you emulate and most admire?

My current favorite era is a bit of a cop out really. I love late 1950's to early 1960's at present,
I love Jackie O, Sheath dresses, Little twinsets, Skirt suits, and figure hugging hourglass clothes.
But I have been into 30's, 40's and frilly 50's styles throughout my clothing life, occasionally I go back to these era's for a revisit, but If i'm sewing I tend to stick to this era.
So I'd love to know.
What Era are You?


  1. Hi from PetalRose, I love your blog, great work. I'm definitely a 1940's lover, though I can't go past a fifties blouse or a sixties sheath dress....I think you are right though, on the whole we tend to gravitate to a certain era. Now I just have to get brave enough for shoulder pads!

  2. I am definitely 50's!!! since I was a young girl I was in love with those crinolines and those red lips, also I like 40's....some 60's.......BUT not 70's........perhaps just 70's Disco music, but about fashion, definitely 50's!!


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