Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Stash Talk...

Hello fellow sewing lovers, (Especially new recruits)
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Now onto todays proceedings. I'm afraid i'm not feeling so hot today. I was going to try and get a handle on one of those pesky UFO's (Unfinished objects) But a headache and temperature descended so I am now in bed.
But before I started feeling lukey, I decided to label and sort out my fabric stash. It was in a bit of a mucky pile behind my door and I thought, "This won't take me 5 minutes and i'll get onto the sewing." Oh how wrong I was dear friends...
This is how it looked when I emptied out those two boxes and the pile on top...
My thoughts? Bloody Hell... where did all this come from? Of course we all know where it came from but I have never had a serious stash before and I felt a mixture of pride and panic.
So I got it all up onto the bed and began to measure and label every piece so I knew how much I had of each fabric, where I bought it and if I had a specific project in mind for it.
It was a pretty mundane task but entirely necessary and in the end pretty useful. I got to know precisely what was in my stash and how many had projects destined for them ( and the many that didn't.)
I tried to stick similar colours together but I ran out of boxes in then end! two boxes have multiplied into 4! But 4 well organised boxes is better than 2 packed, hectic boxes that won't shut.
Here are all the boxes packed and ready to be put away. I was intending to count my fabrics and pair some into projects as well as get photos up into my iPhoto as I did here. But the Lurgy descended. I was surprised at a few things in my stash. First the amount of useable pieces I had told myself would be too small to make garments! As well as the amount of yellow hued fabrics I have. I didn't have quite as much blue as I had been imagining either which is good as that is what my wardrobe is full of. I also found some green suede that is perfect for a RTW I had in mind. But that is another blog post for another day.
So for now I will leave you to wonder at my neat little fabric stash a wild beast no more! More a delicate swan if you will...


  1. Wow, I wish my stash was so organized! I have big plastic totes full of who-know-what, bolts of fabric in my daughter's closet, scraps lurking in a basket in the corner...Must find time to sort!!:)

  2. I sorted my stash out this morning too, great idea to label your pieces.


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