Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Honey, We're Home...

The Piemaker and I have officially moved into our new home! We moved everything on Thursday, thanks to our lovely families and we have been working to get everything unpacked. We have been running around like mad but we have just about got the downstairs up to scratch including most of the kitchen!

My sewing room is up and running almost! My beloved got me a larger table perfect for cutting and I have another desk for my overlocker and sewing machine. Everything is looking great so far. A bit messy still but were getting there...
My fabric is stored under the bed and to my surprise it fit into 4 boxes! Everything fits perfectly and there is plenty of light!!! Only issue I'm having at the moment is working out where to store my patterns. Maybe some shelves? Any suggestions would be great. I'd love to know how you store yours!
I think I had better get sewing!


  1. My sewing room was actually a kitchen when my house was split into apartments years ago. While the house has been converted back to a single family home, some of the cabinets and the sink are still in the room and one of the drawers is the perfect size for sewing patterns! I'm starting to run out of room though...

    I actually did a post about my sewing room a while ago if you are interested http://vintageinamodernworld.blogspot.com/2011/02/my-sewing-room.html It's not the best for actually sewing in but I love it :)

  2. Congratulations on your move ! xx

  3. Stevie,
    Know your so happy to get moved.And to get your new sewing room set up.Looks like its gonna be great..
    Lots of happy sewing, I'm sure.. I bought several of the pattern boxes at Hancock fabrics. they are cardboard,hold alot of patterns, and have a place on the outside to write your pattern numbers on.. Works great, and they are only like $2.00 a peice.. They will stack on top of each other too.. Maybe and idea???
    Happy Sewing,Judy


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