Thursday, 7 July 2011

MMJ Examined...

Sorry its taken me over a week since the end but its been busy!
I had loads of fun doing my first Me Made Month. However I wish it could have been a month where I had less going on!
With the move it was a nightmare trying to remember to get photos. Most days I did in fact wear me made but there was too much going on to get photos! This annoyed me somewhat as I was doing the challenge. Overall there were 4 days in which I didn't take photos but only a few were days I didn't wear handmade and they were right at the end on the 24th and 29th. Because we were moving stuff.

I'm pretty pleased I got through my first me made month with so much going on. There is always room for improvement!
I stuck with separates for the most part but it was fun working out all the ways you could wear the stuff you make. I have to admit my Pippa skirt and top came in handy, as did my Sunny, Funny Girl top and my Etta Cardigan.
I was surprised I didn't wear my Joan dress the whole way through. Its comfortable but I think it is a bit dressy unless you work in an office.
I found myself gravitating towards the Jersey fabrics in my wardrobe for comfort. My Autumn top in viscose jersey was a particular favorite and my Etta cardi is bobbling from all the wear it gets!
This challenge also encouraged me to re-fashion a few bits so I had more to wear. The parisian dress was chopped into a much more useful and more importantly, wearable skirt and has become one of the nicest things in my wardrobe!
My making dwindled a little in June. I only managed 2 items and a refashion but I have countless UFO's that I started before June for this challenge. Sadly these got left in the dust but now were settling, hopefully I can finish off most of those. I haven't even blogged about the top/dress that I wore to the blogger meetup. I will catch up when I've shortened it. But its a viscose jersey remnant and its a lovely print. (Day 26)
We finished off with the Sewalong Palooza reveal! I called mine Igraine after Arthur's mother in Camelot as it has that medieval vibe with the neckline and sleeves.
Hope everyone got through MMJ unscathed! I am working on plans for Autumn sewing at the moment. EEK!
Now to go finish those UFO's...

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