Sunday, 4 December 2011

Fancy Moon are Very Nice People...

Happy Sunday readers! I come bearing Christmas excitement! My tree has been up for over a week but thats a whole other blogpost.
This one is about the lovely people at Fancy Moon who have decided to sponsor my blog! How exiting is that? They have also let me offer everyone who reads my blog 10% off! (Told you they were nice people!)

If you'd like to take up this offer the code is CCBEEBEES

(Think of the kids tv channel)

As a starter they sent me 2.5 m of this amazing Alexander Henry lawn. Its so beautiful I want to do something special with it.
I have two options both Vogue. I did a bit of draping in similar ways to see which I liked best. First up was this Michael Kors.
I really liked the look of this but I have a different purple fabric in mind for it. Very similar to the catwalk version. My draping wasn't really very correct either but I really like the Grecian look of the dress. Second was Vogue 8631. This is a great dress on curvier girls but the illustration has is hanging off of the model if a not so attractive way. So if you fill her out a bit...
You get something like this. I tried to adjust the colour on the photos so you could see the top pleating but I couldn't get it just right.
I like that there is an element of pleating on this one but its asymmetrical so the actual print isn't lost within the detailing of the dress. I think because of the drape the fabric definately lends itself to soft pleated styles.
So what do you think?


  1. They're both gorgeous, Stevie! I think it comes down to how much time and energy you have available. 8631 is super quick and easy where as that stunning michael kors takes a bit more work. (ps. if you go with 8631 be sure to address the fastening situation - a hook and eye closure just doesn't cut it ;))

  2. YAY for Fancy Moon! I just adore their shop! I absolutely love this fabric and the pleating looks great!!!

  3. I love this fabric and I think it'll be great with your second choice of fabric - looking forward to seeing the final result!

  4. Gorgeous fabric! I think the lawn might just be too drape-y/flimsy for the M. Kors dress, but the 2nd pattern might just be perfect.


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