Thursday, 28 February 2013

Completed: Grainline Moss Skirt...

Another finished object that is part of my SWAP! This was not all plain sailing but I really love the result. This is my Grainline Moss Skirt in Grey needlecord I picked up in my local fabric shop. 
My wearable muslin for this really depressed me but I'm glad I did it. It was way too tight so I cut two sizes up this time. But the waistband is a bit roomy. Its a really ingenious pattern and after the first go it only took me a couple of hours to whip up.
 (Not sure why my eyes are shut,) I lengthened the skirt by 4 inches as suggested by a couple of other bloggers but I hemmed it around two. I'm only 5ft4 so next time I'll just lengthen it by 2inch.
The creases are from sitting down but they don't appear when Its first worn. I really loved the back and no gaping! The yoke confused me the first time but I don't think I transferred the markings.
I lined it with some fabric from a 1960's pillowcase I had in the stash. Its the same colours as I'm using for the SWAP so I thought it complimented nicely. I also decided to add a metal jeans button and jeans zipper.
 I thought it would be more utilitarian and hardwearing than a normal one.
 I've decided to start roughly costing my projects this year. Everything in the stash before January counts as free fabric.

Fabric : £20 of Grey Needlecord
Notions: Metal Jean Zipper, Thread and Button £4
Total: £24 Which I think is perfectly acceptable as I would have bought something similar from GAP for a lot more money and would probably have had to compromise on fit.
Wearability: I would give this a really high score on the wearability scale. Grey is a fab neutral and it goes with almost every colour in my wardrobe!


  1. It looks good! I'm hoping to make one soon and I've added a load of length too but as we're the same height I may need to rethink that!

  2. Perfect skirt for the UK weather at the moment. Looks great on yo uhh and the colour will be very versatile too :)

    (P.s. Did you get the email the other day about the work experience article weblinks okay hun?)

    1. Hey Claire, No I don't think I did hun can you send it again? x

  3. Just sent you 2 emails hun :)
    Sent to the (dot) address not the (dot)com ... is that correct please?

  4. It looks great! I want to make this skirt at some point.

  5. You look great in your new skirt! I think I'm going to have to make one of those little versatile numbers myself. great post.

  6. A gorgeous and really wearable skirt - win! I really like this pattern, fairly simple to sew up but so versatile :)

  7. Looks great Stevie, cord is so versatile in this country. Love the lining too

  8. Looks so good! This skirt is on my to-do list, but way way down it at the mo.

  9. looks great Stevie! I love it in cord. This reminds me that I need to revisit mine!

    (ps, snap - I have the same top! :))

  10. I love your length modification. I was on the fence about it as a mini, but do love your pencil. Well done!

  11. Very nice, a great basic and it looks like a great fit! I like your pillowcase pockets!

  12. Nice! Looks great in grey and the colour really suits you. x

  13. Oh hey wow - look at you! That really really suits you! As does that red lippy :D


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