Wednesday, 8 May 2013

So Much to Tell You All... The Sewing Room!

I'm back! Not that I ever went away mind you, I've been sewing up a storm!
I finally got my sewing room up to scratch. Its not yet perfect but its pretty close. Piemaker worked really hard and got it ready for my first group sewing lesson this weekend! Even putting up the Expedit for me.
(It looked a lot neater before.) I'm so excited I had to show you, I still have tweaks to make, like a longer table and some more colourful bits like curtains and lamps etc.
 Can you see one of my recent unblogged makes? Photos to come soon! I managed to put almost all of my fabric in colour order on my Expedit so I can see it. I find so much inspiration from looking at my books and fabric so I was glad I could have them out on display! Its a south facing room and is really light and lovely. The wall colour is called Rice Cake. We tried out something with a sparkle in but it looked like streaks of fake tan on the wall. I was not happy! Bless him Piemaker did the whole room again!

We went for laminate flooring this time so pins don't get lost. In our old house I got constant pin fear as they used to stick up unexpectedly in the carpet. I have a couple of finished projects to photograph and Me Made May to catch up on! I've been stalking the Flickr group and loving what everyones wearing!

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