Thursday, 4 February 2016

Completed: New Look 6922

Stevie? Finished something?! Surely not!
Surely yes! I have actually got a backlog of projects for the first time in ages but the miserable British weather is not conducive to beautiful sunny photos right now. These will have to do. I just realised you haven't seen my new glasses. I'm still not 100% sure about them but hey. There is just a distinct hit of Deirdre Barlow.
So anyway, this top NL 6922 I made 100 years ago and loved it. I wore it to death. (Version  1 here) I also forgot that I hacked at the pattern in my more na├»ve days. Turns out pattern hacking was a bit too zealous that day. I dropped the shoulders and didn't adjust the neckline. I was also a few stone heavier back then and I didn't really account for that either.
With that said I do like how comfy this top is and it will do for lounging around the house. Its a lovely pale pink colour I used to avoid like the plague. I loved it I just felt it wasn't flattering.
I've now decided I don't care and I'm building my collection of pretty rose coloured tops!
As this is a wadder of sorts I only bothered to edit two photos. I liked the fabric but it was cheap from fabricland and its not thick enough the be flattering. I won't be using this pattern again unless I can re purchase it as I need to do an FBA and can't be arsed to figure out what the hell I did to the shoulders at the time. I still use the cardigan and pants pieces from this pattern so I'm sure it won't be the last time you see the number.
Stats Time!
Fabric: Fabricland special £2.99pm lets say 1.5 m
Notions: Stash
Wearability: 3/10 It will do for pyjamas.

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