Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Ode to Grainline... The Lark Tee

Oh Grainline, how I love thee...
Thats pretty much how my brain works whenever I pick up anything from Grainline ever. 
Everything i've made has been something that is staple in my wardrobe. In fact, I often find myself thinking why didn't I make more of those? 
Heres what I've made by Grainline so far in my sewing career:
Archer Shirt x 3
Tiny Pocket Tank
Moss Skirt
Scout Tee
and now I have another to add to the list! Lark!
Now we all know my love for a jersey tee is beyond all other kinds of love. I can whip them up in a couple of hours and wear them until they fall apart. I have several Renfrews and Plantains are in high rotation, some of which have been going for years! I didn't feel I really needed Lark for that exact reason, but then I decided to purchase it in one of Jen's rare pattern sales 
(Along with the Morris Blazer, Maritime Shorts and Lakeside PJs, watch this space for those soon!)
I love Grainline's drafting. They seem to fit very true to size, their instructions are clear and to the point with excellent diagrams and further clarification on the blog should you need it. Plus they really are wardrobe staples!
I will now admit this Lark is way to big... Why? I went with my old measurements and promptly forgot that i'd lost quite a bit of weight. Ooops.
This is still totally wearable. Truth is, I wanted to be cautious. There is nothing worse than sewing something too small and I treated this as a wearable muslin. I got tons of this fabric in a swap years ago and i've never used it because I wasn't sure it was "me" It seemed sort of overly girly. I'd wear each of these colours individually but I wasn't sure about them all together and floral.
Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised. I do wear this top, although its not the first thing I reach for every morning. The floral is not too overwhelming and I'm hoping it will also look nice with some grey jeans i've bought recently. 
The great thing about this pattern, as with the good old Renfrew, is that it comes with 3 different sleeve lengths, 3 different necklines and all of them are individual pattern pieces so you can mix and match to your hearts content. This is the Scoop neck, Long sleeved variation. 
(I like long sleeves pulled to my elbow when i'm warm,) 
but I can't wait to try the classy boatneck version.
Have you made Lark? Do you have 500 versions in your own wardrobe? 
I can see it going that way for me!

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