Friday, 28 April 2017

Lark Tee 2.0

I always say you gotta love a basic! The Lark tee from Grainline studio is turning into my new Renfrew, mainly due to its versatility and speed to sew in any different jersey imaginable. 
This incarnation is stitched up from a long hoarded spongy, brushed jersey I picked up in Goldhawk Rd eons ago! I bought two colourways and the navy blue was made into some Virginia Leggings and a Plantain tee that I wore to death. Its one of those fabrics I would buy again in a heartbeat! I have just enough left in this colour for a pair of pants. Anyway, less fabric crushing!
I've made this before, so I won't bore you with too many details. Its pretty self explanatory. I think I made this one second, its still a little on the large side but on a cold day this is perfect to throw on for work. 
I may try a size 10 on the next go around with this pattern. I have a few fabrics earmarked to be more Larks but none will match this for cosiness. 
This photo sums up how I feel about this top, its like a comfort blanket! As you can see on the back I have quite a lot of room and I didn't make my usual shoulder seam adjustment. 
(Narrow shoulders, so I normally cut a smaller size for the top of the armhole.)
I'm quite liking the dropped shoulder trend at the moment, so I may have a go at another style of top that reflects this perhaps Tessuti's Mandy Boat tee or the Sew Over It Molly Top?
This Lark and my other one should serve me well over Me Made May, as well as hopefully a couple more!
I'm hoping that I will be able to participate properly this year but I'm still finding it a challenge to sew for my body now, rather than the body I used to have. It might be worth refashioning a few of my well made, best loved pieces so that they fit a bit better and still get worn. I don't think i'll mess with this one too much.
Before MMM gets underway, I'm indulging in a little stashbusting. I've kept a tally of how many fabrics I use and what for and have been doing so since January. I figure for every two fabrics I sew I can stash one? There is plenty more Larks to be had (Hardy har har...) Do you have a go to pattern you've made over and over?

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