Thursday, 1 June 2017

Amy Butler Cabo Halter in Liberty

This is quite possibly the oldest UFO in my sewing room. Amy Butler's Cabo Halter in a stunning Liberty Tana Lawn.
This didn't fit very well before but I couldn't let it go. I bought and made most of it when I worked for Clothkits back in 2012. I only needed to sew the top and bottom together so i'm not sure what put me off really. 
The fit isn't ideal. You can see it here fitting fairly well on the bust but I've knotted the straps at the top of the V because it pulls it outwards and lessens the gaping in the cups. I don't think this is a personal issue, more a pattern thing as every halter top i've ever owned has done that. I decided not to add a closure as this just pops over my head and ties. 
I'm not usually one for outside photos as I find the light too difficult to manipulate, however the blossom on my little trees were too lovely to leave out! I love the blue/yellow combo of this fabric and of course its a lovely lawn to wear.  I'll probably keep it as is in terms of the knots on the straps, it adds some interest and gives me the effect I want on the cup. If you had a similar issue, I'd remove a bit of the fullness through the middle radiating down towards the cup. Amy Butler is best known for her quilting fabrics and patterns but this and a handful of other women's patterns came out a good few years ago. Its a nice style for holidays and I'm sure i'll wear it when its hot outside but looking back on her patterns now, they are a little too geared to quilting cottons for me. Great for beginners though!
I'd love to know if you've made one of these Cabo Halters! I couldn't see a huge amount of them online and i'd love to know your thoughts! Overall I think its a great simple wardrobe item but I don't think i'll sew it up again in a hurry. Then again it has taken me 5 years to get this one sorted!

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