Monday, 13 December 2010

Kirstie Allsopp: Style Inspiration

I Adore Kirstie Allsopp! She is so cute, lovely and has a wicked way of dressing herself.
I love her sassy housewife look and how put together yet comfortable she always looks.
For American and non UK readers Kirstie Allsopp is a TV presenter on Location Location Location a property buying show and more recently has started a show called Kirstie's homemade home which encourages people to buy antiques and second hand and to try out crafts.
If you haven't seen Kirstie in action Channel4 has it online to watch, I love that she isn't a teeny tiny waif but she is not afraid of bright colours, vintage prints and crazy tights! Her craft Ideas are always brilliant and she takes people to try out different processes with British designer makers creating them a few handmade pieces to have in their home.
Phil Spencer, shown here is her partner in crime on Location Location Location. I love this dress and I would love to know where to get it. It reminds me of a Natasha Bailey fabric I've seen recently!
She mentions in an interview she loves Jaeger a classic brand! This coat is a really lovely simple classic thing id love to have in my wardrobe.
I think her style is a way to look effortless, ladylike and kool without looking over dressed or tarty! I'm definitely taking up some of her outfit ideas for the festive season!


  1. I adore Kirstie too! I watched one episode of Homemade Home loved it. Unfortunately, HGTV that airs it in Canada doesn't show it often. They play Location, Location, Location all the time though :)

  2. She looks awesome, we don't get those shows in Australia, but I will check out Homemade Home online....I love the idea of a vintage/crafty home show.....most people here are still into the minimalist/beige look. I went to one of my neighbors house a couple of months ago and The entire house inside and out was the same color (beige), even the furniture! I was dying to put a vase of flowers up just to break the monotony.


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