Sunday, 19 December 2010

A Question of Elegance

Glamour and Elegance are two things I strive for and would love to be all of the time. Sadly most of us know that feeling that nice and having the money and savvy to be able to do that is limited to few on this planet!
But still heres a few lovely ladies that look amazing!
As well as a few outfits I would love to own,
Dresses for me are a key item for my wardrobe, as a curvy girl it doesn't break up the line of my figure in the same way that trousers do. As well as fit much better!
( My waist is much smaller than my hips and they never fit my waist!)
Dresses exude feminity and charm. The better the fit and quality the more glamourous in my view, Fit is all important just like this one made by Alana from Lazystitching
I love the cut of this dress and how versatile it is. Plus very elegant!
Going onto separates, I love skirts but I don't own enough! They look chic and ladylike!
I beleive glamour and elegance are not about flaunting every ounce of skin but covering up and wrapping your assets and looking fab!
I hope everyone has a Fabulous Christmas and New Year! Hopefully I will post in between but I wanted to thank you all for reading my Blog this year and hope I can keep entertaining you throughout the next! Especially Thanks to my followers! It makes me smile that people actually want to regularly read my ramblings!


  1. Oh all those ladies outfits are too die for! I agree with you about this style of clothing. I just love being feminine and glamorous. I love my jeans but I never feel as put together in them as when I am wearing a gorgeous dress.

  2. Those a re wonderful & fun dresses. I particularly like the double breasted coat in the first photo. (I don't have the legs for it)
    Great blog.
    I collect vintage party dresses.


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