Sunday, 26 December 2010

Merry Boxing Day! How Was Your Christmas?

Hope everyone has had a peaceful and Happy Christmas, I know I did! I have a few snaps as it's Boxing Day and I'm bored sat drinking tea and want to show just a few of my presents and my effort with both (Yes BOTH) of my Trees!
Tree No.1 was in our living room and I managed to put it up 3 days before Christmas, It was a Traditional Red and White colour scheme I really loved it!
This is my crazy fresh tree! This is my more quirky creation and normally I adore it. This year I didn't so much. but my parents were lovely and bought me a few more baubles to fit my personality and to add to my old friends!
This little Brolly has been in my Christmas box for years! my tree wouldn't be mine without it!
The Same goes for my art deco ladies of which I have 3 dotted about, One has the cutest Cloche hat! Then come the new arrivals. One bought by me and my boyfriend at the Christmas Market in Bath handpainted, and my Parent's gift of a crocheted Teapot!
As well as this spangly sparkly peacock!
Now onto the Presents!
Text Colour
All my fab books! I always get books at Christmas but this year Santa outdid himself! I got lots of baking and cake related books, as well as baking paraphenalia (Doilies and piping set!) one book was on craftspeople and their creative spaces, one on how to sell you own crafts on "The Handmade Marketplace" and
Blogging for Bliss!!! Brilliant!
I also ended up with a new dress, a new cardi, a beret, Colette's Macaron pattern among others. For the eagle eyed among you, you may have noticed the box underneath the books... Yes my big present was a new MACBOOK PRO!!!! I was gobsmacked I didn't ask for it it was a total surprise from my darling parents.
Now Im off to continue working my way through the chocolate Vase, Just like my Auntie!
Have a Fab Day whatever your doing! xxxx

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