Friday, 27 January 2012

Do You Sew Orphans?...

This may seem like a bit of a weird question but fear not I do not mean stitching together poor unfortunate Oliver Twist types. I'm talking poor unfortunate fabrics!

Haven't you ever made something, put it in your wardrobe and gone... Oh it matches nothing?
I have.  I have noticed that I just wander around my stash and just pick out what I fancy with no mind as to what else it would match in my wardrobe! This is something I need to fix and is one of the reasons I can't rely wholly on stashbusting.

I. Love. Colour. This is part of my problem yet in the same breath, the cure. There are the odd things that match but not enough stuff interchanges!
I also adore pattern and this is part of my problem. 80% of what I make is patterned. While dresses in themselves aren't a problem. I still end up with stuff that doesn't co-ordinate or work together.

This means that I have to be SENSIBLE.
This is a word not often associated with me. I go all gooey over pretty things!

Heres a couple of outfits I can currently make ( The purple cord skirt is miles too big/ The yellow top is too wide on the neck so they aren't very wearable.)
Its not the worst selection but I'd like a few more layering bits and some TROUSERS!
We know I can do a Me Made Month but I did find it a struggle last time!
I would like a wardrobe like Erica B That lady's got style! But she rarely makes patterned pieces.
I think I'm a bit more quirky than her
Think a mix of Bernadette Rostentowski, (Big Bang Theory)

and Zooey Deschanel

Do You Sew Orphans?


  1. Stevie,
    yep..I do tend to sew orphans too.. I too love patterned fabric.. And it is hard to layer if and match it to other things..Lately, I have been trying to do some solid blouses ,skirts,etc..
    But when I purchase fabric....the pretty florals and prints atrack me,lol..
    Happy sewing and congradulations on your weight loss.

  2. I'm guilty but I'm trying really hard this year to sew items that I need in my wardrobe - like solid color tops. I, too, love printed fabric but I need to admit to myself that solids can be fun too.

  3. Interesting question! I tend to sew mostly solids with a few prints so I can often either mx and match or match ready to wear items with handmade. I'm surprised that you feel some of your things don't match as I always love your bright colour combinations!

  4. Great question Stevie.... the answer's yes.... but I'm getting better. The Colette Fall Challenge was the first time that I tried to think of sewing a group of items to go together. I'm afraid I tend to pick pretty impractical patterns and pretty impractical fabric.... oops

  5. Yup! I thought I was being clever making a simple black skirt (the Meringue) but when I went to put it on I realised that it's not just the colour that has to "go", it's the shape too and all my me-made tops want to spring out of the waist and leave me with a gap - noooo! So black polo neck jumper it is. Again. SIGH.

  6. I'm like Roobeedoo, "Yup"! I do have orphans. Mine are for different reasons, like the last dress I just made. It is a beautiful dress, well-made, but it just did nothing for me, so there it hangs all alone. Who knows, maybe I'll try to give life to it and recreate it, or just send it off to a well deserved home.
    I'm quite like you, I make stuff "on a whim", with no idea of what I might pair it with...I made it just because I love the fabric and had a bright idea. :) My problem is, I don't feel I know my own style very well. I see what I like, but everything I like is not necessarily for me...oh well, I'm a W.I.P. (LOL).

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