Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Organisation: Realising Potential

I am the first to admit I love my fabric. Every bit makes me squeal with delight every time Its pulled it out its box. But that was just the problem with my sewing room. Its taken me a few months to realise. I would shove things in boxes and forget their existence.

So what I spent a lot of yesterday doing was getting out my 8 (Gulp) boxes of fabric, merrily ignoring the trunk in my bedroom and started to put it onto my shelves. I haven't yet photographed every single piece but that is what I intend to so I have instant access to what I already have.

I was pleased to find this shelf housed over 40 (?!!?) pieces of fabric. The top is Jerseys and Stretch/Sateen Cottons, second is a mix, but mostly bottom weight or capsule wardrobe ideas.
I started grouping fabrics together that I thought might work nicely.
The bottom is Quilting cottons, lawn and miscellaneous. This left me with only 2 boxes! Plus I can see the majority of fabrics I own pretty much all the time! I think this will make it easier to utilise what I have in my stash.

This is not a stash busting exercise, however that might be a happy outcome of it. I'm calling this "Realising Potential." I'm sure lots of us have fabric hidden away that never gets looked at and is never considered for the next project. I think being able to see it is helpful. How on earth are you meant to know whats at the bottom of the sixth box under the bed? It might be a gem you've forgotten!

I'm not saying I will not be buying fabric. You all know i'm too far gone for that, but what I will do is be more thoughtful and sensitive to my wardrobe needs and what my stash has to offer.
I've also fully digitised my pattern collection so I can see everything by pattern company.
Technology is awesome.


  1. wow, what a grat stash! I keep my fabric (now that is) on shelves that MrPB put up for me at the top of our stairs. It gives me joy to see it everytime I go up the stairs!!

  2. I currently have one box of fabric, and I'm not letting myself buy *anything* until it's all used up, because otherwise it's so easy to just imagine what you'd make out of a piece of fabric, and then never actually make it.

  3. Eight boxes! I have fabric jealousy.... x

  4. Wow, sounds like you've been busy! I definitely think that being able to see all your fabric is a great prelude to stash busting. You just need to walk up to it and then decide which one tickles your fancy! :)


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