Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Its A Wrap! Dress

 This was a bit of a wearable muslin for Kwik Sew 3482. The fabric cost quite a bit (8.99pm) and although I'm not disappointed by the fit. The fabric just isn't me. It's ok, im not heartbroken as this pattern was intended for my Liberty Jersey I got at Christmas. I have already cut that and I'm liking it a lot better.
Since I've started seeing a bit of a difference with the weight loss (and I have a wireless camera shoot thingy) i'm trying to push myself to do back shots too. Be gentle!
I did add the collar to this dress but it just didn't look right with short sleeves. The next version is going to have long sleeves and hopefully the collar.
I think wrap dresses are a good call at the moment as it means they can be adjusted easily as I shrink!

This Diane Von Furstenburg is a classic! I can see this pattern becoming a bit of a TnT!


  1. I just bought that fabric today but in the purple colourway. Did you get it from the Fabric Shop in Chapel Road? I live in Worthing, didn't you move here recently? Not a stalker, just remember you saying......
    p.s nice dress!

  2. I love a good wrap dress. Your back shot looks just fine. Congrats on the weight loss.

  3. So cute, Stevie! You look fabulous. Be proud of the back shot! :D Also, I love the skirt of this wrap dress. Its fluttering hem is just lovely. I can't wait to see your Liberty version.

  4. @Louise Yes I did! Personally i think I should have bought the purple! I've been here about a year, Whereabouts are you? Perhaps we should meet up for a coffee, It would be great to meet someone in the area who loves sewing!
    Email me on

  5. I love wrap dresses! Especially in a knit, so comfy! Pattern and fit look great, I understand why you're not in love with the fabric, though...

  6. Tried the email address you gave me but got a delivery failed message back. Would love to meet up maybe we can check out the offerings from the fabric shop as well! I'm around most days (not working atm) so free whenever
    drop me a line on


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