Saturday, 11 February 2012

Organising my ever expanding Sewings...

 Ok, I admit it. I have a lot of fabric... I had to hijack a shelf from our living room just to house the excess! It looks a lot better now though even if it is a bit of a leaning tower of Pisa!
 I have just about digitised my stash and I have a few projects lined up!
Sadly though my Jacket is too long in the shoulder. I have to just calm down a little before I go back to it. The lining was all in and it just needed a hem! I was raging...

In other news I had a think about how to house my sewing books as my sewing room has literally no storage except my shelves and I'm sick of going downstairs. Enter a thrifted 60's coffee table. (£3 because one of the legs was a teeny bit wobbly!) This is in our hall neatly tucked into the corner.
Perfect for all my Burda's too! My original "You Were Never Lovelier" poster has nowhere to hang at the moment so it has been popped on top to cheer me up when I walk past!

How do you organise your expanding sewing life?


  1. I have a mess with my fabrics too, I storage them in big plastic bags in a closet, even if I say I wont buy anymore fabric I can't do it, I'm always buying and thinking " I'm gonna do this and that"........but never do it hehehe, my patterns and book are really really a mess, I don't have space to put them, my sewgin machines are on my dining table, it's a big table ( 8 places) BUT I have the half of it with my sewing stuff.............I guess I need an extra room =)

  2. It was all stored in boxes at my brother's place while I was overseas. I am planning to go back so I am getting to it a few boxes at a time. It makes you appreciate what you have.
    p.s. love your leaning tower, it really does look precarious.

  3. I have an enormous sewing stash which I share with my mom. I could probably sew for years without really needing to buy anything, but that's not the way it works! Right now I'm working on rolling up tangled lengths of ribbon, and folding fabric scraps that might become a quilt (someday!). The rest of it I'm trying to keep organized into piles such as sheers, linings, quilting cottons, etc.

  4. Goodness that IS a lot of fabric! I commandeered the space underneath the bed for fabric and things - I even got organised and bought a whole stack of containers with labels to catalogue them all... so far, so good!

  5. I recently did a big wash and cull of my fabric stash and am committed to working my way through it without buying anything new... As long as we're not counting the purple polka dot cotton from Wednesday... :D

    Good luck with your organisation!

  6. I have a lot of fabrics and limited storage space in my flat, so I have to have them on the attic. So I have a card filing system so I know exactly in which box every piece of fabric is. Took time, but worth it. :)

  7. Stevie, your organizing of your fabric and sewing notions, looks fantastic.Great job. I have lots, and lots of sewing notions and fabric too.. I would love to say... I am going to use up , what I have ,and not buy anymore..But I know ,that I wont do
    I love ,love fabric.. I cant help but buy it.
    enjoy and Happy sewing.

  8. Congrats on getting organized - I love the little coffee table! I'm holding off any organizing attempts until we move to a bigger apartment next fall. For now, I'm occupying about a tenth of our combined living room/dining room/library/office space...


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