Friday, 17 February 2012

Realising Potential Project...

One of the things I realised about my fabric stash when I was thinking about my realising potential project was that there was a huge amount of quilting cotton.
I really love quilting cotton (My storybook skirt is proof of that) But I now rarely use it as a dressmaking fabric.
So what else could you do with it other than make a quilt!
I'm being honest here. I am NOT a quilter, nor will I ever be if you look at the state of this one. But hey I wanted a quick refresh project in between super stressful uni work and sewing in straight lines is definitely my thing! 
These squares are bits I have been stashing away for a while and I still have enough to make another if I wanted but I think this will be super cute and snuggly for those days on the sofa. Plus its in my favourite colours!
have you ever thought about making a quilt for a bit of quick stash busting?


  1. Thanks for using that AMH woodcut in your quilt - I am going to make my first quilt here and was trying to figure out if I should some (I opted out because it's such a great print I was just going to feel obliged to put a big old 18x24" panel of it in to do it justice)
    I don't have much quilting fabric in my stash, so only a bit of my quilt will be made up of what I already own. I think I'll make a couple of small ones without sashing like you did for lap blankets for gifts - it looks cozy and I'll sure have enough leftovers!

  2. I love how well it all goes together. I dabble in quilting. Like you said, sometimes you just need some straight lines.

  3. The color palette is beautiful!


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