Monday, 12 September 2011

Dotty Top...

This is just a quick "I needed to make something for quick self gratification" Top. This is fast becoming a TNT New Look 6922. I cut a 12 in the shoulders! (YES a 12!!!) which sorted my droopy shoulders but now I need to to an FBA in future, and the rest is a straight 14. However its a tiny bit snug on purpose. I'm pleased as I've been cutting 18s and taking them in for at least a year. So its nice to feel like i've gone down nearly two sizes. I'll just wear it with cardigans until it is perfect. Hopefully in a week or so.

Its a shame that in RTW I still count as gigantimous!

Here it is with a rtw cardigan.
In other news a few of the UFO's I have floating around can now be finished! Remember my pink gingham Lisette Traveller shirtdress?

Well since it had sleeves put on it has been left hung up waiting for buttonholes. When I left the old house this didn't fit across my hips. Literally would bust the button. So I left it. But after seeing Jane's version. I decided to dig it out and see how it was now.
Happily it fits a lot better. The armholes are a teeny bit un-comfy but I was pleased at how it looked on me now. Plus its a good one to wear with leggings in the winter!
I'm also working on my Fall/ Autumn essentials moodboard. My second Autumn challenge!

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